Eye Of Ra Illuminati

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Eye Of Ra Illuminati

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Eye Of Ra Illuminati

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Eye Of Ra Illuminati Eye of Ra Meaning Video

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Website publisher of IlluminatiWatcher. Using examples of familiar pop culture and works of entertainment, Isaac has been speaking and writing about the occult from a unique perspective that seeks to understand the big agenda while helping others along the way.

His fresh perspective and openly admitted imperfections promotes the rational approach to exploring these taboo subjects and conspiracy theories.

Signed paperbacks available at Gumroad. The third Eye itself is not a bad. I feel the powers at be has hijacked its meaning.

To blind us of the Truth. The Eye represent consciousness. The Sumerians came from Eastern Europe about years ago.

Gheorghe Rakoczy kept ancient books of skin, that were preserved by copper acetate, in his castle basement, carbon dated to be 10, years old. These old books were written in precuniform Sumerian hieroglyphics, composed of phonemes that could be combined to look like those things that were being written about.

It looks like almost all writing originated from these figures. These orders came down through history to rule the present day One World Order, to what is called today just the Illuminati.

But, there are still Old Ones in Cro Magnon bodies. All Cro Magnon males had Double Y chromosomes. These mid Twentieth Century text books can still be found in junk stores and yard sales.

Association British Accreditation Registry Association has its headquarters. Advanced extraterrestrial civilizations use probability transduction travel, and probability transduction communication.

You may also learn how probability transduction travel is done, much faster than light, almost instantly, anywhere in the telescopically seeable universe.

Google lahunken for much more information. We are bringing the earth into more globally bent timespace, in the fifth dimensional direction defined by Harvard University professor of quantum physics, Dr.

When will it happen? When we all can DO IT. The author suggests that the eye in the sky or the all seeing eye is of God. But that is the furthest from the truth.

God has 2 eyes, not 1. But there is 1 that is coming and that is the reason for all this predictive programming of the 1 eye symbolism that will match this condition and that is the Anti-Christ.

We are all being setup to accept that he will be our savior when in fact he will be your 2nd death doorway. Once you accept the Mark of the Beast and this symbolism is all over the place as well hidden in plain site as usual this will change your DNA the book that God wrote for each individual.

He is bisexual as well, and his wife Michael I mean Michelle is a man. Joan Rivers told about that and then was knocked off 3 months later.

Ever heard of Sodom and Gomorrah? And now count the of words in that verse……yup Is it a coincidence that in a witches coven there are 13? The red and yellow in all of the fast food restaurants representing fire?

And there just so happens to be 13 bloodlines of the illuminati. People are still starving in 3rd world countries, evil is increasing all across the world?

Diseases all over the world? Children killing children? Just like the Microsoft logo with the X chromosome in the middle of it.

Changing DNA by viewing things???? Good imagination! Thank you for your wisdom on this hard topic. Can you plece analyse call of duty black ops 4 trailer its a lot o sybolism there and activison just makien bilons o dolars on them.

Why they are putting this to the gaming industry? The one whose little path would make me sad whose power is Satan.

People still believe that was accidental…coincidence. Do they need it? Or somebody forcing them to do that? LOL, yeah OK. Look at the long list of examples on this page alone.

All this is coincidence? The music industry is playing mind games or what? This world is a mess. That these communications have become so blatant is interesting.

I suspect there is an effort to take census. What the illuminati is doing is controlling the Elite and Filthy rich,the gestures they are doing are a representation of Satan himself..

You can believe what you want but truth is, the illuminati IS the super rich. The pop stars are promised lavish lifestyles and exposure in return for making the illuminati even more wealthy and powerful.

These pop stars, tv and movie stars all promote the agenda of brainwashing the unsuspecting public.

Their god is Saturn and everyone from obama to the pope are part of the esoteric system. Thing is, is that you are already controlled, conditioned and oblivious.

Or the all seeing all knowing eye who owns you. Oh, by the way. A perfect example of the control is the Haitian earthquake.

Busloads of shoes clothes water and a whopping 88 million dollars were donated. All that money and all it did was empty pockets here.

And you think about what happened the next yr. High unemployment, no shovel ready jobs. Wake the hell up you slave worker bee with your religious beliefs.

There is a bad vibration out there and its called fundamental change. Eye of Horas Isis pyramids. How about YOU wake up and realize that your religions that pose as anti-religions and non-religions are just as much a part of the Illuminati as the false religions, BETS?

But here the Christian beliefs are supported and everything else is demonized. Now Church is a human institution that can be easily corrupted too, as we have seen in recent times.

I have read many an explanation about these signs, but this is the best explanation I have read so far. Many thanks, you made my day! Amen to that. My child had a dream about a Man attacking her with this symbol and she knows nothing about this demonic symbol.

But like you said. God has never lost a battle nor will he ever. God is faithful and there will be no excuse that no one heard the word of GOD and of salvation because the word of the Almighty God, father of Jesus Christ, is being preached every where on this earth.

God have mercy. Well said, Jonathan. Your comment hit the nail on the head for me. Over-analyzing symbolism and such is another distraction the enemy would like for us to waste time and resources on, and especially provoke fear and worry.

He is coming!!! God bless!!! They ARE being forced by their higher-up handlers in the coven. This is why they cover their bodies with tattoos and take all the mirrors from their homes.

Are all the celebs in it? Why would I worship with the wrong side? Depends who you ask. Of course the Bible is gonna say God wins.

Consider the source thanks, Al Pacino. The book Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic has a section about how the all seing eye symbolizes an esoteric chakra beyond the physical ones that opens up a kind of black hole, taking the illuminated occultist out of this universe into another one where he becomes a god.

Thinking you can become a god in your own private Eye-da-hole sounds more like psychosis to me, but whatever.

The throne can mean the lap of the goddess. And the Eye of Ra was a magical emblem thought to ward off danger.

It also has goddess properties. That movie is all kinds of evil. I have to also wonder, why was Neighbours so keen to get her on the show when she is a mediocre actress?

And Neighbours was the only reason she got famous. Was she getting outside help or is there really an innocent reason?

Anyone have any more info on her? She is a demon and there is more to come on her I am sure. See, every now and then in conversation someone may join their pointer with their thumb to emphasize a point.

Not every picture is taken when someone is posing for it, genius. Lots of these people are clearly in mid conversation.

I guarantee fucking Katey Perry is NOT in any special group other than the one she rides the bus with. Umm… okay.

Is there a non-Christian frame of reference for why or how this Illuminati symbolism is so evil, or is that evilness really just based on a Christian perspective?

Not so much, at least not from me. The most intelligent thing said here Brother…. You would first have to propose that christianity, or any religion, has any merit or truth to it, to accept that the entertainment industry is EVIL!!

If they were indeed trying to promote evil and the devil, then they are in the same ill consciousness as the religious.

Maybe, just maybe…these people are trying to get us to wake up to the false religious oppression we have been subjected to. Live, be free in your heart, go after your dreams!!!

Religion as we knew it is finally starting to fall apart. The sooner the better for the good of this world.

This is the best comment I have read on this stupid page, I came on here to get some knowledge of the phenomenon to prove a friend wrong and a nut job.

You are spot on! I forgive them to, they were all just intellectually under stimulated and as some say needed some guideline for their barbaric culture to start to form.

Why cant people just live their lives and try to be the best person they can instead of being a crazy bat shit conspiracy conversationalist.

I am a Christian so obviously I have that viewpoint. But even science explains that evil and goodness can only be explained by the presence of the other: For every reaction there is an opposite and equal reaction.

Without darkness, how would we know to seek the light? He is wonderful. His love is pure and undefiled. He died so we all can escape the ultimate evils of Satan.

Whether or not the illuminati is real or not, I choose to stand with my Lord. He will be with me into eternity. These signs and symbols must have meaning.

Otherwise, why do we see it over and over? Yes, some may be hand gestures caught during movement, but most are deliberate and are done for a purpose.

I choose to stand with Jesus. He will be with me though eternity. Read the Bible and you will find His love. Hope I gave you something to think about.

Not a Christian, without the Christians and Jews, your sorry ass would not know a damn thing about the Illuminati.

Argue otherwise and I will school you! Most def there is another way to teach it me personally I am a seeker of knowledge and as you said Christians have done worst!

How can you kill whole civilizations in the name of the lord? How can you rape molest and abduct women children in the name of the lord?

Not saying they all connect but it is 2 sides to every story. But I will tell you something which no other Prophet has told his people. You must know that the Dajjal is one-eyed, and Allah is not one-eyed.

Oh My Father Satan! The Eye! They make it painfully obvious too, with all the ritualistic dancing, the all-seeing eye, and the whole shebang.

It even takes place in a prison with a prison guard. The song is catchy, but I stopped watching and listening to it ever since I found out it must be linked with the Illuminati.

The third Eye itself is not bad. I feel the powers at be, has hijacked its meaning. I was wondering if the Illuminati are satanists, are all the modern religions evil as well.

The worst sin you can commit is to worship false gods so if every modern religion is wrong then every religious person is a sinner.

First off you seem like you jal seem like an insightful fellow. But for you to call a man that does not know a moron but he seeks the truth is you major fault in itself.

Which you speak may be factual Elohim one of the most ancient names of the Heavenly Father you still have faults in which you know I garuntee.

No one man knows everything. You are your worst enemy! Peace and blessings. Yes they are! You can not succeed in this world today with out you committing some type of satanic act.

The only way out is death or deathly rituals! I know religion is man made! From what I have studied it seems that none of the prophets more than one nor the messiahs more than one had a specific religion.

So if they all were given to the messiahs for one solid mission why are they separate now? Why would you attack a swarm of bees at once?

You spray a lil but a day. Nor the light! Your enemy shaytaan earths fleshly devil is probably one of many you talk to on the regular.

Last but not least that is a sin to worship false idols but the key is to know that in not knowing you are safe until you find the truths you seek.

But how can we be expected to know who the true God is and who are the false gods? Any information we get about God is from books written by men thousand of years ago.

God never seemed to have kept a direct contact with us, which makes it difficult to find him. Then how can we be punised for a sin of worshipping false god, when there was no way of knowing who true god is.

Men are going to follow the religion they were born into, and taught by their parents to follow, then why is this the worst sin?

Have a look- and if you like the Information, Isaac, please consider linking my material or article.

Your article is filled with a LOT of historical revisionism and outright lies. Please try again. SMH The stuff kidds listen to these days.

In alot of cases i truly question if individuals are even consciously aware. For years ive been tortured by what appears to me as being an evil growing force invisible to most eyes.

When i do internet searches on the things im forced to endure i end up with sites about illuminati monarchy slave programing and their lower level Alphabet groups.

Larry you are not alone man. I did not understand why God would create us to live in a world of imperfection. I dived deep into the study of Alchemy, especially the writings of Aleister Crowly.

I learned how to read Tarot, feverishly study symbology many of mentioned within this nicely written article and practice drug-induced meditation rituals to a greater and lesser effect.

I needed to understand this playing field we call Earth from all perspectives. While studying these things, I kept a small respect for God in the back of my mind.

It has a devouring power that feels good in the moment but never completely satisfies. Still Magick is seductive and sexy, but the idea of Satan being an ally was still uncomfortable to me.

I could not commit to the ways of the dark lord completely because I realized that ultimately, he has no plan for me, other than to distract me with wordly pleasures in the hopes that I die without salvation.

Pleasures that will all one day rot. Satan is ultimate deception and he is a master at playing into our human weaknesses.

This is why Jesus had to be born a human. The Illuminati is super hard to pin down, and Satan and those that carry out his will want it that way.

But they must linger on the fringes of public entities because there is more power there than remaining in the shadows. The reason these artists use these symbols repeatedly is because they do have power, in this world.

Repetition is also powerful and hypnotic. Some of these artists do not even realize that they are perpetuating a legacy set out long before they became public figures.

These symbols are sexy, mysterious, seductive, and intriguing and artists use them with or without consent of the Illuminati. We as humans are drawn to power.

Ultimately, we do not have power over death, only Jesus does. This is why he died for our sins. While we may have some powers over this reality, we ultimately cannot overcome death.

The World celebrates the mockery of Jesus because that is the way Satan works, he deceives via slander. Ok sorry this is so long, I could write more but I should stop.

If you did the whole e-mail thing, then I would love to talk to you sometime. This is very good information about the all seeing eye and other illuminati symbolism.

We need more of these articles. More information needs to get out! Did anyone notice the hand gesture for a 3pointer? The bird sign has great power.

I love observing kids discovering the power…and then the responsibility of using such power ever. Then, as if Rumpelstiltskin having his name said, he seized with anger and stomped out.

I just cannot take that sort of display seriously ever. They seemed chosen ones than born, so…I mean, if we are gonna choose dipshitty ideas, would it not be best to let us know about it?

Or is that being a bully? I have to agree here this is no coincidence. Has anybody seen Bandcamp? They think it is cool to do so. Take a little tour on Bandcamp and find out.

The question is, who are the primary people doing it? Those that do nothing but lie in some way, shape or form. Have those that work in the dark against their brother, cainites, satans, devils deceived you???????

Musickians — Does repetitive sounds not put one into a mild trance and the words then sung not a form of preaching?

What does every form of musick push of every genre? Actors — Everything they do is a lie; they pretend, act, lie, whatever you want to call it.

In Estonia , the 50 krooni note shows the Eye as part of a depiction of the pipe organ of the Käina church. Likewise, the old Ukrainian hryvnia note also depicts the Eye.

The Eye was included in the original publication of France's Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen , which also borrows iconography from the Ten Commandments.

Similarly, the symbol is featured on the front page of the Constitution of Serbia from Today, the Eye of Providence is often associated with Freemasonry , first appearing as part of the standard Freemason iconography in with the publication of Thomas Smith Webb 's Freemasons Monitor.

In this use, the Eye, representing the all-seeing eye of God , serves as a reminder that humanity's thoughts and deeds are always observed by God—who is referred to in Masonry as the Great Architect of the Universe.

Typically, the Masonic Eye of Providence has a semicircular glory below it, and is sometimes enclosed by a triangle.

Popular among conspiracy theorists is the claim that the Eye of Providence shown atop an unfinished pyramid on the Great Seal of the United States indicates the influence of Freemasonry in the founding of the United States.

However, common Masonic use of the Eye dates to 14 years after the creation of the Great Seal. Furthermore, the only Mason among the members of the various design committees for the Great Seal was Benjamin Franklin , whose ideas for the seal were not adopted.

Likewise, various Masonic organizations have explicitly denied any connection to the creation of the Seal.

The association of an eye with the concept of Divine Providence is found in Christianity. In Renaissance European iconography , the Eye, surrounded by a triangle, was an explicit image of the Christian Trinity.

For example, in the ancient yoga , the symbol is drawn with specific Vedic mantras in order to purify the seat of the yogi.

Commonly in the context of a reference to the Illuminati , numerous video games, TV shows, films, books, and websites contain depictions of the Eye.

Several universities and college fraternities use the Eye of Providence in their coats of arms, seals, or badges, notably:.

Alchemical woodcut , which reads quo modo deum 'This is the way of God' , with the All-Seeing Eye floating in the sky. All-Seeing Eye on the pedestal decorations of Alexander Column.

A Christian version of the Eye of Providence, emphasizing the triangle that represents the Trinity. All-Seeing Eye on the gate of Aachen Cathedral.

Eye of Providence on the exterior of a cathedral in Salta , Argentina. Eye of Providence depicted on altar equipment, now in a museum in Pala , Kerala , India.

Eye of Providence depicted in the stained glass window of a church in Fifield, Wisconsin. The inscription on the stone, written in an old Ukrainian dialect , translates to "All will pass but God's eye does not pass you.

The Eye of Providence, as depicted in Jacopo Pontormo 's Supper at Emmaus , in a triangle symbolizing the Christian Trinity ; probably added later by Jacopo da Empoli [ citation needed ].

Eye of Providence in the canting arms of the Jauch family motto : "Lord thou shalt guide me with thy counsel", Psalm 73 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Redirected from Illuminati eye. For the album by The Agonist, see Eye of Providence album. For the type of Orthodox icon, see Eye of Providence icon.

Eye Of Ra Illuminati

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